Pictures of Deer in the snow

Here are some pictures of the Deer in the fields trying to shelter from the cold wind and snow.

127 (800x600)136127142

I have quite a few pictures to add as i pass the days away from hunting golf balls with tilly, today the golf course was a deserted looking rather sad muddy field with nobody in sight.

One of the only days we have retrieved not a single golf ball, i like to put it down to the golfers not playing but could it be that the golf ball doggie has been so good in her hunting chores that we have actually retrieved everything there is, wishful thinking i would say.

I have been told about a couple of foxes that are treading the fields and would you believe one of them has 3 legs? makes me wonder if foxy was captured and taken to a vet or would he have bitten the leg himself? anyone know of this happening with animals? The other fox doing the field is a huge and we are talking big Dog Fox this appeared on my lawn a couple of nights ago and i was scared just looking at the beast, you could have put a saddle on and entered it for a race and that is no lie, but he come looking for food and i obliged with a healthy meal of fresh cooked chicken,and he loved it. My friend in the woods also seen this  beautiful groomed beast of lovely coat and colour, he has been very well fed and looks a picture of health, so for that reason i am going in search of them both tomorrow night armed with a night light and my camera……so stay tuned and lets see what happens !


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