It has been a great golf ball weekend.

Busy as a bee in the cold outdoor weather doing what we enjoy most of all and I must say we have had a few surprises that I have to share with you, the first was the arrival home of the Deer to there favourite spot in the fields surrounding the vast woodlands. Today I was up early and expected to wake to the great outside weather being a blanket of snow, how wrong could I have been it was a beautiful morning and I needed to walk and clear my head after a few to many pints of that peculiar coloured water that has you wanting more and sadly we had lots more celebrating my son’s birthday and we had a ball until the early hour’s. Entering the woodland via the field I had to stop and look again, was I seeing things…No I then rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeing properly (can you guess) it was the welcome return of the Deer.. mother and 3 young that are getting bigger every time  I see them, I was delighted and tried to get close for pictures, sadly this phone on my new phone Galaxy2 is a disgrace and has nowhere near the quality I had on the horrible HTC but I am putting these here for you to look at.Fresh from the field today. Here is the Deer enjoying there grazing…100_0674 IMAG1907 IMAG3724  IMAG3488


We also had a collection of golf balls from the workers who are clearing some land in and around the barn, solar panels are going in and the clearing has just began for the install, what a mess there is with rubbish that lays buried there, also a lot of urban wildlife such as the foxes have been shaken by the noise and have to find new homes along with hedgehogs and rabbits that have been comfortable for a long while, there is also a nesting of rats that have lived under a lot of old tyres that have been there for years, the rats were huge and I witnessed a couple as big as a cat so tilly had to be kept away from the area as there was poison applied to rid them quickly.

Look at this picture of the deer and tilly20130113_160757 this young deer is a nosey charmer who was intent on meeting us today, so funny seeing him pace up and down the field to meet us, will he or wont he get nearer and he did, he leaves the others behind and is always getting in to trouble by being away from them what a character he is.

Golf balls todayIMAG2891 turned out to be very good all from the barn…


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