Lots of Taylor Made & Prov Today

Tuesday is not normally that busy on the golf course, but today was very busy for some reason and lots of groups of four were there playing and laughing at the antics that were going on between them.
We continued as usual walking and looking for golf balls and hoping to catch a glimpse of the deer that have vanished again for the second time in the last two months due to being scared of by the fireworks that blasted out for nearly an hour on new years eve….
Anyway back to golf  ball hunting and we do get to find them in some unusual places


The nice yellow one was in the thorn bushes…and this one


was buried in some deep thorn bushes which cut my hands as i attempted to retrieve it and gave up pretty quick as thwm thorns can cause a lot of pain, so come on in wonder dog tilly-miss to solve the problem and retrieve yet another white ball to the growing collection
Have a look at tilly-miss


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