Busy in the field today

Out in the field having a clear-up before some other thieving golfers decide to jump the fences
and take all that lays idle.
We were only out for 45 minutes and had over 140 very good golf balls which today included a lot of ProV Balls, which made me very happy.
Good return of Calloway and Srixon as always expected, but high end numbers on ProV was unexpected….at last Titleist are making a prov that actually bear’s to the right on long distance shots,yipee lets have some more of that please.

In the field there was more golf balls buried in then there was laying on the surface,goodness me they are landing in the field at some speed, and we had a couple of near misses.

And this

Back breaking work having to dig some of them out, sometimes tilly will pop in and decide to help, but other times will just come along and pinch the ball

She does get quite nosey and always wants to be amongst the counting of any haul

140 golf balls it is a good job my mate Daz left me these heavy duty bags,which are fantastic for holding golf balls,you can also pull these through the grass without fear of the bag splitting.


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