Goodbye Golf Balls

My mate turned up today from the north of england to buy the stock of golf balls,we estimate around 1500 in total.
Tilly seemed quite sad to see them go but we will soon be out there collecting more

Here is tilly at the door taking a last look at the heavy netted sacks that hold so many brand name’s and logo balls, all destined to a washroom somewhere to be cleaned before being sold on to a large retail outlet, they say there is no money in them golf balls but my mate Daz could sell a lorry load at very short notice, while we are on the subject Daz is a lake ball diver who clears lots of lakes scattered round england if your club wishes to have its lake emptied and payment incentive get in touch and i will pass your details on.
Here is Tilly in playful mood on the course today

And this evening whilst watching 4 deer


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