One Dirty Stinky Dog.

We headed to the woodlands for our usual 1 mile walk and things were going well, tilly was in and out of hedgerows bringing more golf balls, then she decides to have it on her heels after pickig up the scent of something, some time later she is bounding towards me with her tongue hanging out and her ears pricked running like a poor lost soul looking for me, probably thinking he must be here somewhere?
As tilly got nearer to me i could see the dreaded mark on her back,the mark all dog owners despair, Fox Poo ! aaagh the dreaded stinking stuff that sits on there coat like shit to a blanket.
My first reaction was oh my god wife will not be happy, and second reaction was to get her home and cleaned up, anyway we get home and no sooner are we through the door and my little grandson is at the house on a visit with his mum,now George is not a boy to keep quiet and before i can close the door,you guessed Grandad what is that smell? eer tilly -miss is stinking nanny, that was enough to start the wicked witches broomstick, get that stinking dog in the garden waffle waffle moan…..thanks for that george i owe you one !
Anyhow it was not a large amount of fox poo but the cleaning and washing took ages, the bloody stuff spreads the more you try to clean it, but job done and we have our nice clean doggie back again
Here is tilly after she was banned to the garden on the wicked witches orders

And here is George who got me in to trouble

He is my little helper in the woods and loves watching the deer, we build a house in the field made of grass,and drink and eat imaginary cups of tea and baked cakes,my little man loves the fun of the woodlands…..i just wish he wouldnt keep getting me in trouble !

Anyway getting away from our woodland adventure, i want to let you know about this very funny book that is published on Amazon and available to buy at about £7:00 let me say it will be the best few pound you have spent

As we all know we get 100’s of scam email’s sent online to us daily or weekly,i get around 30 daily which does irritate me no end,but the author of this book decided to play the russian scammer’s at there own game and fought back, it will have you laughing so much you will not put it down, i am hooked and cannot put it down,have a read and let me know what you thought.


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