Logo Golf Balls we found today

Always like to find a good logo ball and this morning we found a few

Winter Hill Golf Club is close to where i live and we often have a walk round the place in our search for golf balls, quite a rich area but it seems these golfers like to hold on to there money as they seem to play with a lot of cheap and nasty brand of golf ball, trying to find a ProV or a Decent Calloway is not the place to be looking.

Federal Bank of New York responsible for the downfall of the housing market in America,would you trust them or buy a golf ball with there advertising on?

Ernst & Young what can we say about this money making machine, they seem to have a monopoly on anything to do with money, just put a figure on it with loads of 00000’s and some soft idiot from government will approve it (after they have there back-hander)

Heading to the west country,then make sure you pickup a copy of there favourite paper,you might just find a bargain hidden in the pages.


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