Ammunition found in woodlands today

Whilst walking through the woodland i came across Robin the jackdaw man,(this guy rear’s young baby jackdaws) and he was searching for a missing ball,when he picked up a box that lay idle in the grass,on closer inspection it revealed a box of 50 calibre bullets.

Robin was quite shocked and scared actually,being a man of older years he called me and said look what i have found

The poor chap was in a terrible state and it turns out his worry was Tilly-Miss,what if the person was going to shoot her or tilly was hit accidently, i calmed him down and assured him tilly would be fine and sent him on his way, what a nice kind man who was thinking only for my dog.

I think the poachers are in search of the deer that roam the golf course and take nightly refuge in the woodland, i have twice coome close to polish poachers and seen the high velocity rifle that has infra red night sight fitted.

I will contact the local beat officer to call and discuss the situation, we do not want any harm to come to the deer that roam the woodland on a daily basis
Here is “Lonesome” who appears every now and then looking for “Thomas” the new one in the field


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