Moscow Trip then straight to the woods for golf balls.

Just back from a road trip to Moscow which was enough to scare the most hardened driver anywhere, Ice Road Truckers should get over to Latvia and Moscow to experience some of the most dangerous and diabolical driving conditions known to man.
Pot-holes and ruts that throw you all over the place and road surfaces that you drive on make it feel you are on a vibrating machine, one minute your on tarmac then mud and stones where the roads have collapsed all this on roads barely wide enough to let vehicles pass in a safe manner.

Anyway after the shock and stress of the journey i actually got home,and was i pleased to be back you couldnt believe how nice it was to get back in the woods with tilly and get back to finding lots and lots of golf balls.
I hacked through nettles and brambles and from just one area retrieved this little lot

During the search i was delighted to find quite a few good Titleist ProV and a good selection of Calloway balls and some interesting logo balls,here is a couple

Within 24hr of being home i have so far retrieved a huge amount that are already sold due to messages left on my phone.

Worn out and tired in need of rest,but with tilly wanting to be in the woods i have no chance, my next move is to catch up with the deer and to see if i can get a glimpse of the new arrivals.


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