How many more Golf Balls will we find !

What a fantastic day for walking the woodlands, we have just returned home after a day of picking up so many balls, tilly hs been very good and has well and truly earnt a big treat for all her hardwork in and out of the thorn bushes.
I do not think we have ever managed to retrieve so many golf balls in a single day, a rough guess and estimate would be round about 230 at least, we have had a good mixture of top name’s and an awful lot of Dunlop Sport being found, Nike have been few and far from the most retrieved ball returning just 3 balls but overall Calloway and Srixon have shared the top spot.

Our haul started within minutes of entering the woodland, we had 10 within five minutes on a usually quiet spot,so that was a very good sign that the day could be interesting

Nettles and brambles my arms and legs were feeling the pain and how my dog tilly-miss must be feeling is anyones guess,she was in the nettles and thorn bushes without any fear bringing them out and dropping them on the path for me to collect.

One very good day and for myself i am totally cream crackered from so much walking, we have been out for 8 hours all i want is a cup of tea but tilly is looking as fresh as a daisy and wants to be heading out again,but i will be heading out alone to the nearest pub for some well deserved cold medication in the shape of Guinness Cold……here she is resting and waiting


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