Good soaking and good stock of golf balls

Despite the downpour tilly has to be out,no if or but about it, she will sit side by side at my feet,stare me in the eye until i give in,then we head to the woods,so today was no exception we were soaked to the skin,my wellie boots caught on some broken tree and put a hole through them and i am walking round feet squelching and freezing,but we do not give up looking through the nettles and hedgerows to find a golf ball, we were lucky to find the colour ball as it was getting dark and the ball was laying in leaves,we also found this golf ball close to it.

Mother Deer was again in the field tonight protecting her new arrival foal, i am yet to get a real close glimpse and hope it wont be long before we see the young in the field, the mum was at ease tonight and was not as bothered as she was previously,but i did not stay to long as i wouldnt want to stress her,so lots of golf balls myself and tilly home in the warm with my sock drying out and the wicked lady making a cup of tea,what have i done to deserve that i am thinking….good night all…


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