Long grass will not stop our golf ball hunt

Let it rain or thunder and lightening, we just do not care about long grass and blown down trees that block our walking route round a golf course or the long grass that is thriving and growing higher each day,stinging nettles are a main worry and believe you me i have the scars to prove it,god knows how tilly-miss must be feeling as she constantly bounds through it all at a sniff of a bunny.
Having been away over the celebration weekend it was good to get back in the woods for the day and surprisingly a full carrier bag of golf balls was the prize for all my effort it seems.
I found this nice looking Wilson-Staff ball in long grass

I love the colour yellow and i call my home the yellow house as nearly all my rooms upstairs are yellow and my kitchen is yellow and my out-house is also yellow,which to me reflects clean and crisp feeling of cleanliness,my wife has just stopped complaining about my addiction to the colour…..

Other news today : Mother and foal spotted under the tree,sadly not a great time to get a picture
as the grass is so high but will post as soon as i get a chance.
Mother Deer looks very well and the two young ones from last year are laying in a field not far away,really looking forward to seeing the new arrival on the move in the weeks ahead, i noticed an increase in red kite circling the area today which gives cause for concern,but hopefully all should be good…


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