Watching The Deer Today.

Looking back at some pictures taken from my camera phone and sadly realising how bad they were,I decided to take my camera with me to try and get some good image shots of the deer that are quite comfortable in the field close to my home.
It was not long before i walked straight face to face with two of the deer mother and father i like to presume,maybe i am wrong maybe not, but i must say the 2 made me so happy that i was so close to them,within a metre and no more.
It was not until i arrived home and put the pictures on my computer that i realised the quality and sharp images i was so lucky to have gained, i was delighted and would like to share this with you all, so sit back and enjoy the pictures as much as i did taking them…

Remember to click on the photos to get the best images…..

Some very good pictures of mum and dad sadly the young one was sleeping deep in the long grass


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