Where did that Golf Ball Land !

Usually the task of finding a Golf Ball is quite easy,but recent weather has seen a surge in wild plantation and nettles growing at rapid pace due to so much rain.
So today i would like to let you see some of the places that GOLF Balls land, these are exactly how i have come across these today whilst taking a stroll with Tilly-Miss

To search a golf ball in these extreme conditions takes concentration and eye for detail and we can honestly say there isnt much we do not find….including this very nice Titleist DT Solo

This DT Ball was buried deep in the thorns, but the best is yet to come and i just found this amazing at how the next ball landed where it has, can you imagine the speed and power that ball took during its flight, it must have bounced of trees at an alarming pace coming to rest here

Tilly-Miss has so far enjoyed 2 walks to the golf course and you can see how much she enjoys herself, left free to roam and hunt the entire landscape as she chooses,but never going to far.

This morning we were fortunate to watch 2 deer grazing in the exact position we left them last night,they had not travelled at all it seems, but mum was nowhere to be seen in the field today, making me think the time has come for the new arrival..click on the picture to see the 2 deer


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