Good logo ball from this golf society

As soon as i picked this ball up i could feel a good quality ball, and was pleasantly surprised that it was from Ultra !

Very good feel very smooth and what a bonus to find a very good logo design, this will be added to my favourites collection.

It has been very hard going the last few days after the relentless rain which has seen weeds grass and nettles shoot up everywhere in the woodlands,we really need to get a strimmer to start clearing all this debris.
It is looking like mother Deer is soon to calf,she is acting in a dazed state and keeps laying down for short periods constantly washing her rear, tonight she was making some grunting sounds then back laying in the long wet grass, i was there until darkness keeping watch on all three at one point in darkness two walked within 2 metres of me unaware tilly was waiting to pounce

Here is tilly-miss on the run

Were looking for a friend for this little fella, tilly is fed-up playing with him now so its time to find a friend

Enjoy your weekend !


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