Golf Needs to be made cheaper

Back to the woods we go searching out whatever has been left and within seconds of hitting the walk tilly had pounced on a rabitt, very quickly she bolted away and buried poor buggsy in the pouring rain so i dont think it would take the red kite to long to find another dinner.

Golf balls were being found at a good pace, but sadly not all were the ones we need the most and recent weeks have shown me that golfers are changing there habits on the ball they play, the amount of Quadra & Pinnacle along with Dunlop Sport is mounting more each day,gone are the days of just finding quality Calloway or Titleist or ProV’s it just isnt happening.

2 Local courses within minutes of each other are not doing good, numbers have dropped quite dramatically with empty clubhouses, empty courses and empty car-parks meaning empty tills where it hurts the most,what it needs is the price of a round to be brought down,how can parents expect to pay the sums asked for children,how can the OAP afford the crazy price for his round of pleasure and enjoyment, bring it back to basics and let them play at a reduced price throw in a plate of egg sarnies make them feel welcome and the word will travel faster than your long ball,it is criminal to walk these clubs and see hardly anyone there, it is also making my job harder in finding quality golf balls,we might just have to start eating the rabitts tilly catches if things do not improve…….

On a brighter note 2 guests arrived for tea this afternoon and i kindly provided a good snack for them and last night Scraggy the fox had a whole chicken cooked for him.



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