Back in the woods

And straight across from me was the Deer having a wonder through the adjoining field

It was a happy sight for me considering i stumbled across 2 men laying in a barn with rifles that had telescopic sights and they both admitted shooting rabitts and squirells for fun, I told them in no uncertain terms if any harm comes to the deer they will have more than myself to deal with,as our local neighbours also take great interest and like watching the deer.

I was told today that the stragler who has been joining the 3 deer was again back in the field with them, i am wondering if he is preparing himself to mate with the mother? any ideas on this
i really should look for info on breeding for Roe Deer

Hopefully we have a buyer calling tomorrow to take 1200 Golf Balls so that will make my wife happy in the knowledge that they will be gone and out of the way so she can start organising her flower growing tend to her precious plants


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