The Golf Ball Hunt

As you can see the leaves are hiding so many golf balls, its a job that is made harder due to the large amounts blown.

Thorn bushes also cause the odd problem to myself and tilly-miss, i go back constantly with cuts to my hands and back after finding a ball that is buried in the thorns, tilly has a checkover each time we get back, the first thing is to get her feet cleaned then a check to make sure no nasty thorns are lurking.

Today we come across this ball that was very badly damaged

I had not heard of this ball before and was surprised that Bridgestone were the makers.

Here is the proof of Good Logo Golf Balls, all you golf clubs take note on how a logo should be presented, not the rubbish a lot of you stamp on yourself or the cheapest quote from China

And the winner this week of “Logo Golf Ball” is this beauty


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