Keeping our eye out for the deer in the woodlands.

Easy to track

Deer scent left all around

Snow filled fields ideal for tracking

When waking this morning and looking out my window it was soon evident that during the night i had visitors.
Looking closer it soon become apparant that Scraggy the fox had been looking for food and he had also been joined by something larger,on inspection it turned out to be a deer footprints, so away we head to the snow filled fields in search of the family and to hope that they will make an appearance.
Within a few minutes of walking along the bridal path tilly was soon on to a scent and as quick as a flash a quite large munkjack deer bolted through some very rough woodlands with tilly in pursuit, sadly i was caught out and not expecting to get a photo so quick,so the first opportunity was gone in seconds,but knowing the woodland i knew there was more to come as we searched for the 3 deer and this time my camera was in my hand waiting to start snapping.
The tell tale signs didn’t take long to realise the deer were close, the first being these pictures which sadly are not loading as they should, but click and view and enjoy the journey of finding the deer very happy and playful

Enjoying there freedom of the woodlands


I am so lucky to be so close to the deer, i like nothing more than walking and looking for them daily, if they go away from the woods i am always hoping they return, remember i have watched the baby deer from 1 week old when i stumbled across him under a tree, seeing how he has grown is a pleasure to watch and something you just cannot forget


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