Tilly enjoying the outdoor life.

Sitting patiently watching 3 deer

Just no way will tilly stay indoors, she is so crafty in the ways she can get round me to take her out.
Her favourite trick is to sit in front of me and stare me out until i give in and away we go, dont get me wrong i really enjoy being in the fresh air, but there are times when i am completly cream crackered from a long walk.

Tilly worked hard this morning helping to bring the total numbers of golf balls to a reasonable amount when you consider the weather and out of season action that has seen the numbers drop by huge amounts.

There is lots of wildlife thriving throughout the woodlands and tilly is making the most of her adventure daily, fox deer and badger have all been spotted and the red kite seem to have grown in there arrival as we can now see more in the area than ever before, they swoop round us so low in the fields that it can become a little worrying of what they are doing.
Tilly is quite content with searching the rabitts that sadly have the mixi virus, this awful virus leaves the rabitt helpless and blind,so tilly catching and ending its misery is really a good thing, watching the rabitt trying to run whilst fully disorientated is very sad but the ending is always so quick there is little suffering.


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