The Dog Versus The Rabbit

Blimey for a small dog tilly is like a whippet as soon as something catches her attention

Sadly enough within minutes of being in the woodland poor old bugs was working overtime running under a fence and in to another field, but tilly was on her heels all the way

It was the best thing to happen to buggsy as the poor bunny was suffering from the dreadful mixi which leaves the poor thing blind and bewildered and a target to prey such as the fox and the kite.
Buggsy was a large bunny and tilly as much as she tried couldnt bury this as she couldnt grip him in her mouth, the weight of bunny was a little to heavy, so buggsy was laid to rest where she had fallen and within an hour on our return she was gone, i have a feeling scraggy the fox was laying in wait and watching or the two red kite that circled overhead might have found a free dinner from tilly.

Here she is riding in my motor,head out looking for the next victim that is in the field


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