Fresh from the field today

The field is littered with so many golf balls, my back is aching, but lots of name brands that will sell very quickly.

Did not expect there to be so many, and not being prepared i never bothered taking our bags
so it was a scramble for some carrier bags

As well as filling my coat pockets, i had to leave lots behind and go back later

Whilst picking up i noticed lots of Srixon, Calloway, Taylor-Made all look in great shape

Through thorn bushes wind and rain we are out there bringing you the best balls ever, remember we only retrieve the ball you lost….so they all have to be good? (hmm)

Cleaning Golf Balls.

Here is an example of our cleaning, we have 1 very dirty ball that has laid in god knows what

Little love and care and this beauty will be there with the best balls

Never heard of this ball before, anyone out there played with one before ?


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