We have retrieved so many Nike Balls today.

Someone has obviously struck a good deal with there supplier, we were away from our usual haunt and travelled further to another course within 20 miles of our usual favourite place.
It was amazing to find so many shining new Nike laying in the cold hedges and grass, quite a few still had the ice covering them, but that didnt stop us picking them up.
How can a top course sell so many of a particular ball? it beggars belief that everyone is playing Nike? maybe the club should change its name to the ball manufacturer?
I have not seen so many of one brand anywhere like it before

So from now on at least,we will be selling Nike always at low prices giving golfers everywhere the chance to purchase and try this particular ball.

Have you tried the Wilson-Staff Ball? what are your thoughts on this ball, is it to heavy for you? is this particular ball a good distance ball? let me know your thoughts, in return for the best answer i will send you 6 of these beauties free.


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