Dog walking in lovely surroundings

Myself and tilly-miss love nothing more than open quiet country for long walks, I do the best i can to switch the walk routine to other areas, my pooch doesn’t get to fed up with the same old thing.
We are lucky really with a whole woodlands to roam, there are days when we meet nobody at all, other days tilly makes friends with new dogs, we met some people who had travelled 17 miles to walk our walk recently.

Peace and quiet always guaranteed, beautiful stretches with lovely views through the countryside

I am actually thinking of starting a “Midnight Stroll” in the woods for locals to enjoy every month, could you ever imagine being walked through the woods at midnight in the pitch darkness, very creepy during the day,what would the night bring?…anyway enough of that

Tilly-Miss in her glory, a portrait sketched by a very good artist

Golf Balls selling far better than ever before, people are ordering more than i can ever imagine, i have been very busy wrapping and posting to all parts of the uk
Found this ball today, must say i have not had one of these before, always a first for everything


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