What a great start to 2012

Fresh as a daisy on this new years day, up and out to the woodlands,no hangover and no headache only the memory of watching so much rubbish hours before on the tv, god help us all when the olympic circus hits town,watching that firework display and the huge amount of money that was squandered annoyed me very much,i think it was the worst i had witnessed,there was nothing good or different about the show apart from a terrible waste of your money,it would be nice to know what that all came to in terms of real money and how much was the leading firelighter paid for his paltry efforts, Scotland made a better performance.

In to the woods and a visit to the barn, it was heaving golf balls, I need to go back as there is still so many there

Within minutes we were being laden with balls and this is where the Titleist ProV landfill must be,so many hidden under asbestos sheeting,buried in moss,under leaves,it was jackpot
time and were heading back there after a cup of tea.

Less than a minute for this lot, the goodluck did not end there, it was time for tilly-miss to have her first touch of hunting in 2012 and she done it the best way she could,creeping along and waiting her time to pounce with precision

All in all a great morning for both of us, were heading back and taking our bigger bag this time,we would hate to leave anything behind, enjoy your day and for some the pain will ease
your hangover at some point.


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