Just a few pictures to end 2011

Our hunting ground is the woodlands and forest surrounding a golf course in Berkshire

What a fantastic place to have to ourselves, we can walk the entire forest adjacent to the golf course,at our own pace,nobody to keep us moving,we can sit and relax and watch the world pass bye

The place is a magnet for golf balls, they are landing and whizzing past me and tilly at very close range at times

But underneath the fearns there is a lot of dough to be made, so why not have some fun and get paid for it, my wife often looks from the window and you can see straightaway she is thinking ooh not more bloody balls, but myself and tilly keep active which is important.

We will continue in 2012 and hopefully provide more golf balls to golfers than ever before,anyway some more logo balls we found today

And some of my orders that were washed by hand and wrapped all by me during the last day of 2011 I also managed 2 walks round a golf course, cooked my wife dinner,washed up and made her a cup of tea,so not to bad.

What will i do tonight….I am going to wash more golf balls and wrap them ready to post next year, I am not going to party and I will not pay to enter a pub especially when i drink there all year round, call me what you want but i am happy to be indoors with tilly and the moaning witch
So before the whole newtwork crashes, have a great new year, for myself i will be glad to see the back of it and truly wish 2012 will bring more happy endings than the sorrow we hear daily in this world x


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