All for a Golf Ball

What a thing to look forward to on a daily basis,walking,walking and more walking,to some people the thought would never enter there head,most of todays younger generation would yawn and stick there heads back under the covers,and quite a few older generation folk just wouldnt be bothered.
As far as getting up and going for a walk early morning brings no problem for me, i have spent my entire life working all sorts of lovely and weird hours,but i admit early morning i love,it is for me the best part of the day,myself and tilly hit the woodlands at times before daylight it is an eary feeling going in to the heart of woods at that time,but tilly is as bright as a button and lets me know if anyone is there.
Nature is at its best early morning with the birds waking and singing,Deer walking looking for food or a mate,the red kite hover above looking to see if anything of a carcass has been left from the fox previously and the fog and mist rising is a splendid sight to be seen.
Tilly has been having a ball and so alert anything can happen in seconds,her ball retrieval skills are to be desired,my goodness that dog should have been with customs & excise with a twitch of her nose she can pull a ball from leaves with no problem and today tilly worked hard in thorn bushes bringing out quality.

As the pictures show tilly is not afraid of nettles or thorns,just let me get that ball

Some golf balls are easier to find especially those that litter our fields daily

Tilly very alert sitting and watching,this is hunting time

and playtime

But after a good days walking and were heading home with lots of lovely golf balls that need to be checked and washed by hand and then packaged and posted tilly thinks she has found the perfect dinner,sadly only a wired gate deprives her of a feast

Shame its not xmas now ?

Happy new year to everyone and thank you all for taking time to read tilly the golf ball dog,we hope you all have a fantastic year in 2012

Love Tilly-Miss xx


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