Golfing bits and pieces.

Hoping you all enjoyed your xmas with family and friends,sadly for me it was a sad time as my mum had passed away just 1 month previous,but a good time was spent with family and grandchildren that eased the thought slightly….anyway…

Surprise surprise the golf balls are selling and the orders are coming through,even at this time of year,but so grateful we certainly are to have so many people who trust what we do and take the time to offer support to tilly-miss.
Offer of the day,where you wont get a better ball at such low prices,see today’s offer

Or you might like to make an offer on these beauties

“Best Dad in the World” and they could have picked a better ball surely,was your dad really worth that much

A Titleist ProV Ball would have been a better presentation,you cheapskate tight wad, how dare you insult your father with a cheap Pinnacle

Big Bag of balls is full and ready for auction, want to make an offer, make my day,you might just be surprised when i say no !

Yellow Balls….going very cheap

And finally Tilly-Miss has been working herself very hard, going where no other dare to go in thorns and holly bushes bringing that lovely white just for you,we had some great walks the last few days and would still be out there now if she had her way, but she is on the settee curled up with nagging wife both snoozing and it wont be long before Tea up hollows through the house and i will be expected to make her ladyship a cuppa, any arsenick available anyone.


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