Were in the dog-house,wife going mad !

She is on one today and time to steer clear,the warning signs were there this morning when myself and tilly were up and out, waking her is not a good idea and of course tilly bounding on the bed didnt help.
Anyway we drove out to visit a course that was long overdue a visit and we hit the jackpot, a good haul was waiting for us

So we head back home and the nagging old witch is not home (thank-goodness) so i take the time to pour all the golf balls on my lounge floor,forgetting there is a lot of wet muddy balls,well you can imagine my horror,the carpet wet and covered in mud,me and the dog looking at each other and hey presto the wicked witch appears, jesus christ did she lay in to us,calling us all the useless bas***** under the sun, that was it me and me dog were out the door as quick as lightening….we returned home and she has calmed down, the mud dried and brushed off without any damage….ooh thank you darlin x

We found this Titleist Ball differant to any i have seen before


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