Look at this Calloway Ball, never seen one with 2 colours?

Found this today and had to look twice

And the other side, the colour is differant which makes me wonder is it a fake ball ?

Do you know this man

He obviously likes himself that much he had his face put on a ball……oh i love myself so much, i love myself so much, I am so vain oh so vain, i love myself so much….

What are your thoughts on these hand warmers that seem to be littered round golf courses

We are having a great time selling lots of golf balls, thank you to everyone for there support and we look forward to bringing lots of various brands in 2012
We have so many to choose from and to put a list together will take me forever.

The fat rat that lived in the big barn in berkshire met his maker, tilly pounced like lightening to end his days


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