Red Kite around the golf course.

Whilst taking our daily hike through the woodlands,2 lovely red kite made a series of swoops around tilly-miss.
It was lovely to get quite close to them and i am sure they were putting on a display for us, i was amazed at the wing span and the lovely colouring of each bird,sadly not getting close enough, but i hope you like the landscape of the pictures.

On a lovely mild day with the sun shining the kite sat perched above me

Lovely golden plummage and sitting like a king in his castle the kite had a birds eye view of the entire field

Seconds later and the great bird took flight circling round us a couple of times before heading in to the distance

A fascinating display from them both made my morning walk all the more worthwhile, how lucky am i to have so much wildlife around me.
The day just got better with so many one hit wonder balls being retrieved from the woodlands


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