Choose your logo printer carefully

Another day of walking woodlands picking up endless amounts of golf balls and on inspection
of each ball we find it is amazing how many logo balls are shabby and badly printed.
I make it known that i like nothing more than finding logo balls, i enjoy the design and often wonder how they craft so easily on a ball, i also sell logo balls to various people and i have one person in the States who buys all my banking golf balls, so money is what we talk about
on a regular basis.
The logo ball sends a message to how many people we will never know,but apart from some tax write off who actually see’s the efforts that have cost a lot of money?
Well getting back to today we found these very badly stamped balls, OMG would you have accepted these from a printer, i very much doubt it

Even Worse

And This load of rubbish

So remember checkout your printing company and print us something worthwhile to look at


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