Golf balls by the sack !

Time to get busy and clear the huge stash of balls that are building up around the house, we have many names to choose from and some interesting logo’s that might be of interest to people.
We have tonight completed the fill of this reinforced (feed) bag and estimate 1000+ quality balls, I do seem to remember lots of ProV…Calloway…Srixon…going in and lots of Dunlop..Top-Flite…Wilson-Staff…Nike…Noodle and endless other makes.

So if you are looking for a nice xmas present look no further, You can make an offer and collect direct or arrange a courier, the choice is yours.

What a day for walking and being busy with my camera, my grandson and tilly took to the woods in search of building a camp so we can watch the deer as they wonder through the woodland
George who is my grandson loves nothing more than being in the woods with grandad and as the picture tells he was having great fun working hard to build his camp, the dirt and mud on his face was a picture to cherish for me.

And not forgetting Tilly-Miss


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