The Golf Ball Thief added to the wall of shame !

If you are in the Berkshire area be careful of this bloke who has a habit of running on to a course pinching as many golf balls as he can.
We caught up with this tyrant after noticing that our fields were not as busy as they should and our woodland walkway was not returning the numbers we have been used to seeing.
So the trap was set for the “Thief of Berkshire” and it wasnt long before his desire and appetite for easy pickings brought him directly in line with us, his pockets were bulging with golf balls so we thought the easiest thing was to remove his boiler suit
and reclaim what we all know belonged to us,the trouble was this rather odd man was dressed only in ladies lingerie under the boiler suit.
It was a sorry tale to a happy ending for the poor chap who trundled through the woodlands in his heavy work boots and rather snazzy underwear, just cannot imagine the welcome he will get when he gets out of his motor….happy days


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