The field is cut and so many golf balls

The farmer has been busy cutting one of the fields that run round the golf course and we were there as he arrived and picked up a good bag of brand names that had obviously laid covered in the grass for quite sometime, but we checked them over and only 1 had caught the blades and had a nasty slice through it but worried about that i was not, it was only an old Dunlop ball hardly going to set the world a light with that.
While we were walking behind the cutter a ball whizzed through the air and smashed the tractor window, i never saw the incident happen myself but the farmer stopped the machine and called me over to show me the broken and shattered glass in his cab, the ball had come through and bounced a few feet on the grass, obviously the man was not very happy and lucky it smashed through the bottom glass.
During the clear up this ball from St Andrews golf course was found, blimey it seems they like to celebrate christmas early, it must be all that whisky they have available in those parts of the country that sends there brain on a mystery tour of not knowing the days of the month.


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