Good to see the winter golf balls coming in play.

The coloured balls are starting to appear in good quantities, the yellow ball seems to be a firm favourite with golfers followed closely by Orange and Cancer awareness pink.
The last 3 days have seen us handle 35 of these and as we walked at dusk tonight tilly picked up a scent that led to her scratching the grass and bringing out a lovely bright orange ball quite amazing that there is something that attracts a dog to find a ball in that way it was amazing to watch as i thought she might be on the track of a deer or fox, her nose to the ground and straight to a small shrub tree and tilly started clawing at the grass and tilly was delighted and made sure i knew all about it by throwing the ball and herself in the air then rolling her body all over the ball, obviously a scent to be added to her coat.
It was quite dark as we walked through the woodland and still we picked up on a few white and yellow balls, so another good day today which returned figures of 48 good balls just through 2 visits.
Tomorrow we head to an old hunting ground towards the oxford countryside, remember our last visit that brought a good haul, so hoping for another repeat.
Have sent orders to Manchester,West Lothian,Middx,Bromsgrove,Nottingham today so quite happy with response, now for a nice cuppa and then bed for a rest.


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