Lots of pearly white balls.

Very busy day lots of walking and lots of golf balls recovered from the hedgerows, sadly not many ProVs but Calloway and Srixon in good supply which made it worthwhile.
Looking through them all tonight it is evident that Dunlop and Top-Flite are having a ball, lots of these being played which adds weight to my theory that money is tight to mention for quite a few golfers it seems, in the years we have been retrieving golf balls i have never seen so many Dunlop balls,obviously far cheaper than other brands.
Next week we shall start the big golf ball sell off when 5000 pearl white balls will be offered in various lots, maybe we will offer 12 free balls and you pay only postage so if you need to get your stock at very affordable prices get in touch.
2 local courses deserted this afternoon and early evening, just myself and tilly having the freedom to roam without any fear of being hit by the white, have not seen this for a while but it cannot be good for any club.
Happy golfing to you all, enjoy the rest of your weekend and get in touch if you need to stock up on balls.
Finally before i go :
do you fancy a nice chilled holiday in Norway where i guarantee superb hospitality and relaxation


2 Responses to “Lots of pearly white balls.”

  1. brian wolther Says:

    How do we contact you to get some golf balls?

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