Tomtom versus Garmin

Which model do you think warrants the price you pay, well let me tell you about the problems encountered with the tomtom 1000 model that i purchased.
This is supposed to be all singing and dancing model that comes with google search and live services, well it soon become apparant that the live services were not working when the message flashed across the screen “we cannot establish a live feed”
Tom1000 also froze on pages that were supposed to provide Points of Interest of where there are restaurants and fuel, in my opinion important issues without that info where do we go, other issue not being able to find ferry ports and dock areas again important when you have to get somewhere fast.
Its very disturbing to know that tom will launch a pay subscription for a host of items in the future that are installed for your nav, how they jusify this i do not know.
Regards the Garmin Muvee Model myself and my co pilot both agreed that picture and instruction was far better and clearer instruction than tom, easier to plan than tom and only one screen freeze for seconds compared to tom, also the garmin held power longer than tomtom which drained very quickly.
Summing up….I have always been a great fan of tomtom and have purchased round about 5 models from 930 to 1000 Live as i drive many miles and need reliable easy navigation, but my last trip to Norway and Lapland has made me feel very uneasy with thoughts of ever buying another from them.
It seems Tomtom struggle to send the correct items when you order online accessories this should have been the warning signs when 3 items have arrived wrongly for the device i operate.
Tomtom will loose lots of customers when they start there charge policy for traffic live, they will have to offer a genuine policy of getting you safe to justify there charge.
Lack of food, lack of fuel stations,lack of POI for ferries all made my journey quite stressful could have been worse if we had not had a Garmin to help us out.


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