Tilly has been naughty.

Whilst walking through the woodland this morning tilly decided to creep under the fence in to the field, within seconds she had disturbed a nest of young pheasant, there was a bit of commotion and feathers flying and mother and young scattering in all directions, some taking flight across the field and 2 young ones up in the trees for safety.
Tilly moved out from the field and we walked through the bridle path towards a large copse of thorn and stinger nettles, within seconds with her nose in the air the hound was in to the bushes, it was then that i heard the commotion of flapping wings, the dog had her prey it was so quick i couldnt stop or rescue the little bird despite my shouting tilly was in no way going to give up her prey, i reached them both but sadly the young one was dead, a lovely hen pheasant that was only about 5 weeks a beautiful plume of feathers on the young bird.
Tilly was in trouble and i was very angry with her and make no mistake the killer dog knew exactly how i felt.
With the dead bird firmly placed in her mouth away she trotted and the buriel ritual began with the bird being buried under leaves and moss obviously for the fox to find later on.
As you can see from the pictures the hound has been told off and is sulking.


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