Today we had a ball !

Another good return for Titleist and the ProV Ball as we entered another local course (told which way to get tilly-miss in) without being seen by stewards there was a lot of Srixon and Calloway laying in the wet grass, this course was more grassed than woodlands with lots of open space so a fairly quick scoot round proved its potential for a longer visit the next time.
We cleared from one of our fields 3 bags this evening of everything you could imagine including dung and muck i certainly made a bee line to the shower on arrival home god knows what those poor golf balls endure laying out in the fields, but we beat the farmer and his tractor as the field is due to be cut this week, this means the deer will have to graze somewhere new.
Yesterday was a traumatic day for one golfer who spent his time riding round a local course on a cart asking if anyone had found a wallet and a set of car keys, he pulled alongside me and tilly as the pooch emerged from a hedgerow with a ball and asked do you train your dog to find a wallet and keys? you think my dog drinks carlsberg mate? the poor man was frantic and we tried our best to help find them without success….life is cruel at times.


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