Steer clear of these travel agents.

Spread the word around all your friends and this way we might just rid the UK of another lot of low life parasites who make there money robbing good honest folk who want to holiday as and when.
Thomson, First Choice (who are already in bother) and that smarmy bunch at Sunvil
who think they can monopolise and dictate what you do and how you spend quality time with your family as long as it is at there price? an awful bunch of parasites who take the comfort out of charging you what they can getaway with.
Dont stand for being ripped off anymore,as a family holidays are spent sharing quality time these morons think outside the box and price is negative equity to these free-loaders who will offer a panoramic room 3 steps from the sea and not even a cup of coffeee? £875 per person? Is that justified ? make people aware that this sort of people are not wanted and not welcomed anymore.


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