Tilly out at sea.

Due to the ridiculous prices quoted from travel agents for a holiday in Greece (REMEMBER THE BROKE BAILED OUT SUNSHINE ISLAND) that is supposed to be beckoning tourists to visit? well here is one person that was never going to be caught up in the trap of paying over the odds, I wanted a hotel near a beach with breakfast for just 7 nights, that is £875 per person my reaction was get stuffed ! the last price we got was a room yes a room no coffee or SFA just a room looking out at the sea for £845 from Sunvil the so called Greek specialist (In robbery) so decided to do my own thing and we took of on our own escape and tilly-miss had a great time out at sea.
Out at sea and waves lapping the little pooch loved every minute of her adventure, keen to have a look out at what was going on held by my wife for dear life, the dog had a ball.
Days spent walking with tilly after all the lady is entitled to have her holiday and short break from home after all the golf ball hunting she does, the change of scenary done us all good, we enjoyed lovely fish meals visited some fantastic places and it kept my wife and the pooch happy it made me happy knowing i had saved a few quid and not lined the pockets of those robbing parasites we put our trust in holidays


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