Back Home and straight out with Tilly

What a joy to get back home after the last couple of weeks travelling, sometimes i wonder and ask myself why do i keep putting myself through all the stress.
Again the road to Moscow gets no easier, i was also saddled with the burden of problems at the borders, have any of you fine people ever been through the Ublinka
Border Control in Latvia if not do not even try its the worst in Europe.
Tilly was so pleased to be reunited with me and my wife was very happy to welcome me back i am sure she is getting fedup with the travel time away.
St Petersbourg has fascinated me since my very first visit,what a clean city with beautiful shops and restaurants, its fascinating to see the city at night in action with a huge workforce in place clearing and cleaning and even jetting roads and pavements of any litter.
The buildings are lovely to view and the road bridges are raised to let the huge barges travel through with there vast cargo.

Golf Balls were waiting in the hedgerows and bushes we had a great time walking and collecting, how lovely to walk at my own pace watching tilly enjoy herself.
The day in general rewarded me with 97 balls lots of brands but the most found were Calloway which i am happy with, Srixon followed then a misch and mash of inked pen brands and some tatty top-flite to spoil what was a good day despite the rain.
Moscow was a very hot few days and i grabbed a few shots which i hope you will all enjoy……..The Dam pages are loading wrong images, will post more tomorrow


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