All golf balls have been sold.

It will be hard searching when i return from my travels, the golf ball buyer called and decided he would take the lot,we sat and mulled over the price over a cup of tea and agreed a price that was suitable to both of us.

There was bags all over the place and the buckets were brimming as a goodwill gesture i even gave away 60 ProV Balls.
So when i return i will be out there picking more balls and tilly-miss will be working overtime,we just returned from the late night search which already netted us 42 fair quality Srixon and Calloway and just one ProV but it is a start and hopefully we can bring in good fresh stock for future sales.

Baby deer and mum spotted tonight enjoying a stroll in the field,they stood looking at me and tilly then just strolled away without any hurry not like a few weeks ago when mum got very upset and chased us both.

Scraggy the fox has been back and his food is waiting a nice dish of meat to keep him going.

I am away for 12 days with a lot of travelling to be done, Serbia and Russia shows in  these countries before heading home for a few days, take care everyone and stay safe


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