More Tour and Tilly Pictures.

We have had some incredible things going on with a couple of Stoats last night, tilly-miss picked up a scent on something that moved pretty fast through the folage and which i could hardly see, but tilly was very anxious to get a grip on whatever it was but the poor animal was not ready to give in and die for anyone and the fun and games began.
I looked through the brambles and thorn bushes to see this large black object with a long tail and a very cute face hanging from the fence spitting and shrieking so loud you would have thought the animal army would gather round to save it,tilly was barking and trying to pounce but each time the stoat had his defence claws ready to shield from the jaws of a dog that was ready to enjoy its next victim.
After 10 minutes of chasing one side of the fence to the other i had to take her away as tilly was quite intent on chewing the poor thing and i was not going to let her do that so the evening ended with the stoat quite happy to be breathing and tilly dribbling at the mouth and panting after an ordeal that looked quite promising at the start…..(sadly my camera was left at home)

Took some pictures of tilly having a ball, not the golf ball but a ball she found and took a liking to

Will be heading to Moscow next week to work with “30 seconds to Mars” a very good band we have a show in Bilbao then to St Petersburg a long long drive.
Here are a couple of snaps from our recent show with Foo-Fighters, Slip Knot and of course System of a Down.

Through Switzerland so tranquil and lovely settings

Amazing crowds

Happy Days….


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