Tour Pictures on route to Moscow & Finland.

The long journey by road to Moscow,Finland,Denmark was as hectic as can be waiting at custom points,catching a boat to Finland with 2 minutes before shut off was the most hectic part of the journey,had we missed the boat a 12 hr wait was on the cards and probably a ruined cancelled show but we made the effort and thank god we got there safe after a very long nights drive.

Journey through finland was amazing,there are very few service areas and lack of petrol stations you cannot imagine been stranded in areas surrounded by forests,is it any wonder the finns are so hyped up.

We found a lovely restaurant on route with fantastic home cooked food and even its own dairy inside

We were really thirsty on our arrival and neede refreshment this seems to have done the trick

The stage was set and ready to put on a show

The people were ready to enjoy

What a great show

Then the road to Moscow where the roads are in such a mess it makes driving unbearable

especially at night when those pot holes throw you everywhere, there are parts of the road that run out of concrete directly on to mud heaps

Happy days as a tour driver, does it get much better?… the dream !


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