Golf Balls Galore.

I have been away for 3 weeks and travelled many miles to some lovely countries meeting some really cool and sometimes weird people on route,but had an amazing time in Moscow, Finland,Denmark,Germany,Hungary,Poland.
Tilly-Miss was so excited to see me walk through door, her greeting was one to remember and i had little time to unpack my bag before she wanted to head to the woodland.
We made it to the wood to be greeted by an avalanche of golf balls ranging from brand new to nearly new and as expected quite a few rubbish balls which i am sure were hidden from view of any of there golfing partners.
We have a buyer arriving tomorrow to purchase a large amount of Srixon,Calloway and Titleist, so a busy few hours sorting through these.
We also have to get busy visiting the local pubs to refill our sweet range in there machines as these were not done before i headed away due to so many other things having to be sorted.
I have a week at home before heading back to Russia a visit to the gorgeous capital of St Petersbourg a real gem of a place which i have loved since first visiting, if you do one thing in your life visit this great city.
Back to the golf ball sorting, i will add some pictures of my travels later, take care everyone.


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