Disgusted with Vet Charges quoted for my friends dog. (Slough Berks)

Talk about daylight robbery and care for your pet, this vet practice Penstone in Slough Berks should be reported for there charges.
A family member wanted to take there dog to be spayed the price quoted was £230 the family member asked could they remove a broken chipped tooth from the dog whilst the dog was under sedation…er…yes …one moment please…silence…followed by more silence….finally 8 minutes later…that will be £110
extra….hello are you there …(family member) that is daylight robbery and outrageous, well take it or let the animal suffer….
I strongly oppose what these rip off merchants are being allowed to getaway with today and i will be taking this up through the Animal Ombudsman Organisation and with the local Vets Group who play at my local course.
Why can the chipped tooth not be removed whilst the dog is under sedation? it is costing nothing more to carry out this procedure, these are vile practices being carried out for no other reason than profit and no care towards the animal.

Do you know this Slough Vet ? have you dealt with them previously? i want to know


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