How many golf balls do you want !

We have had a good few days hunting them pearly white balls in hedges and fields trying hard to not upset the deer that have taken a liking to our No2 field, i have spent ages over the last few days watching the young one taking his feeding lessons
helping himself to the tasty branch leaves from overhanging trees, little one was oblivious to me watching him and it was a great time for me but sadly my camera was not with me.
Apart from that the walking has continued and as i am now called “The Ball Hunter” by local golfers who recognise me and tilly-miss on a daily basis, tilly has been magnificant the last few days pulling loads out of hedgerows and under the trees, golfers are amazed and you hear them calling tilly find my ball, we found a ball this evening and the bloke couldnt believe it when from the hedgerow tilly pulled out a lovely new Srixon minutes after finding the golfers Calloway, tilly really is one in a million.

We have as many balls as you will ever need 25p per ball washed and direct to your door.


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