Balls and more balls.

What a day for finding balls,we walked all corners of a course today and have to admit that even tilly-miss was tired and worn out

Take a close look and just see some of the crap people are now resorting to play with (click on picture) there is stuff there that wouldnt make a driving range for practice,but underneath there are some very good Calloway and making a rapid return Srixon.
Today was good with a nice lad calling at the door looking for Titleist for him and his 3 pals it was great that he took 100+ balls which were mainly ProV and he was very complimentry towards tilly and myself on the quality which makes this whole ball finding very worthwhile it also helps keep tilly-miss updated with her booster and flea protection from what is in the woods.

The baby deer has been seen today and what a lovely sighting i had of him, i watched him grazing for 15 minutes whilst mother was watching me from the long grass.
All in all a very good week and next week will be as good as i prepare to wind down before i head away to Moscow for about 10-12 days something i am looking forward to very much !…..back tomorrow good night all


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